Family Style Carry Out - Delivery


BBQ Charcuterie Board

Our BBQ Charcuterie board has house smoked Brisket, Pulled Pork and turkey along with craft crackers and chef’s selection of off the block cheeses. served with our house made strawberry/jalepeno balsemic jelly and all three of our house made bbq sauces.

  • $21.00
House Fermented Pickles by HopLore Brewing

House Fermented Pickles

This has been a project we have been working on for quite a while to get it just right! What a great way to munch on something that will support your health at the same time! Each pack has 4 whole pickles, in house fermented with spices and herbs for a brite crunch and sour touch.
  • $4.00
House Made Kim Chi by HopLore Brewing

House Made Kim Chi

What a great way to munch on something that will support your health at the same time! We make our kim chi in house fermenting for weeks before packaging. mild spice.
  • $6.00

Seafood Charcuterie Board

Our seafood charcuterie board is a selection of smoked seafood(flaked salmon, 1/2lb whitefish steak, and smoked shrimp along with craft crackers, both whitefish and salmon dips and red onions, capers and cilantro.
  • $22.00
HopLore Brewing Smoked Salmon Fish Dip 02

Smoked Salmon Fish Dip

A half pound of our smoked salmon fish dip. We get salmon flown in fresh and smoke it on our own smoker…and then thats when the magic happens. We add a secret blend of spices, herbs and cheeses. great on any cracker!
  • $6.00

Tacos for Two

HopLore Brewing Grouper Taco

Family Meal Grouper Tacos

A large portion of grouper fillets breaded and fried with pickled ginger slaw and wasabi mayo. 6 sets of corn shells.
  • $22.00
HopLore Brewing Street Taco

Family Meal Street Tacos

Locally sourced ground beef grass fed and supplemented with our spent grain seasoned. red onion, cilantro, housemade smoked salsa. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing Korean BBQ taco with housemade Kim Chi

Family Meal Korean BBQ Pork Tacos

1.5lbs House smoked pulled pork in our korean bbq sauce, housemade Kim Chee. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing Tandoori Chicken Taco

Family Meal Caribbean Jerk Chicken Tacos

1.5lbs pulled Chicken in house made Caribbean Jerk sauce topped with green and red cabbage and a house made mango chutney. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing PB & J Taco

Family Meal PB&J Pulled Pork Tacos

A fan favorite! 1.5lbs house smoked pulled pork served with house made amish peanut butter and strawberry/jalapeno balsemic jelly to top it off. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.

  • $20.00

Family Entrees

A Gouda Philly

– lightly smoked roast beef

– sautéed onions and peppers

– house made Gouda cheese sauce

– steamed sub roll

Comes with a mini fall salad and candied sweet potatoes.

  • Sold Out!

HopLore Brewing Brisket

Brisket By the Pound

1 LB of our house smoked and seasoned brisket smoked over 10 hours.

  • $14.00

Family Meal Brisket Tacos

Family size portion of our brisket tacos.

Slow smoked seasoned brisket, pickled red onion and smoked gouda cream sauce. assemble at home.

comes with enough brisket, pickled onions, cream sauce and shells for 6 tacos.

  • $20.00

Family Meal Smoked Salmon Tacos

Family size portion of our smoked salmon tacos. cilantro lime glazed smoked salmon, roasted red pepper pico and chipotle aioli. assemble at home. comes with enough salmon, pico, aioli and shells for 6 tacos.
  • $22.00
HopLore Brewing Pulled Pork 02

Pulled Pork by the Pound

Our House smoked pulled pork offered by the pound. Make sure to ask for buns!

  • $9.00

Smoked Salmon Steaks By the Pound

Pre Purchase by the pound for Friday pick-up.

Slow smoked salmon cross sections (Steaks).   Smoked over our special blend of smoking wood, brined and seasoned ahead of smoking.

  • 1 in stock

Smoked Shrimp by HopLore Brewing

Smoked Shrimp

1Lb of Colossal Shrimp brined overnight and smoked low and slow. served with cocktail sauce.

  • Sold Out!

Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish Steaks by the Pound

Our newest smoked seafood offering! Many have asked about it so here it is! a flaky whitefish with less oil than salmon. Mild flavor mixed with our brine makes this a great snack!

*Not actual fish in picture, just stock photo example.

  • 5 in stock

Mac & Cheese HopLore Brewing

Take-n-Bake Gouda Mac

A family size portion of our crowd favorite smoked gouda mac and cheese. Just put it in the oven for 35 minutes at 375 and you are ready to eat!

  • 9 in stock



HopLore Brewing Heaping Helping of Kettle Chips 01

Heaping Helping of Kettle Chips

House fried kettle chips to go.
  • $4.00
BBQ Sauce

Extra BBQ Sauces

Your Choice of housemade BBQ Sauces in 2oz container: Sweet and Tangy – Spicy Cracked Pepper – Carolina Mustard BBQ
  • $0.50
Burgers & Sandwiches at HopLore Brewing

Hamburger Buns

2 Hamburger Buns  
  • $1.00

Housemade Kraut

16oz jar of house fermented sauerkraut. This stuff takes a long time! about a month and a half to get just right.
  • $5.00