Tacos for Two


House Fermented Pickles by HopLore Brewing

House Fermented Pickles

This has been a project we have been working on for quite a while to get it just right! What a great way to munch on something that will support your health at the same time! Each pack has 4 whole pickles, in house fermented with spices and herbs for a brite crunch and sour touch.
  • $4.00
House Made Kim Chi by HopLore Brewing

House Made Kim Chi

What a great way to munch on something that will support your health at the same time! We make our kim chi in house fermenting for weeks before packaging. mild spice.
  • $6.00
HopLore Brewing Smoked Salmon Fish Dip 02

Smoked Salmon Fish Dip

A half pound of our smoked salmon fish dip. We get salmon flown in fresh and smoke it on our own smoker…and then thats when the magic happens. We add a secret blend of spices, herbs and cheeses. great on any cracker!
  • $6.00

Tacos for Two

HopLore Brewing Street Taco

Street Tacos

Locally sourced ground beef grass fed and supplemented with our spent grain seasoned. red onion, cilantro, housemade smoked salsa. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing Korean BBQ taco with housemade Kim Chi

Korean BBQ Pork Tacos

1.5lbs House smoked pulled pork in our korean bbq sauce, housemade Kim Chee. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing Tandoori Chicken Taco

Tandoori Chicken Tacos

1.5lbs pulled Chicken marinated in housemade tandoori spices, a roast corn and black bean slaw and cilantro aioli. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.

  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing PB & J Taco

PB&J Pulled Pork Tacos

A fan favorite! 1.5lbs house smoked pulled pork served with house made amish peanut butter and strawberry/jalapeno balsemic jelly to top it off. Comes with 6 Corn Taco Shells.
  • $20.00
HopLore Brewing Grouper Taco

Grouper Tacos

A large portion of grouper fillets breaded and fried with pickled ginger slaw and wasabi mayo. 6 sets of corn shells.
  • $22.00

Family Entrees

Box of Chicken Nuggets HopLore Brewing

Box of Nugs!

24 boneless chicken wings ready to eat with your choice of sauce.

  • $18.00
HopLore Brewing Brisket

Brisket By the Pound

1 LB of our house smoked and seasoned brisket smoked over 10 hours.

  • $14.00
HopLore Brewing Pulled Pork 02

Pulled Pork by the Pound

Our House smoked pulled pork offered by the pound. Make sure to ask for buns!
  • $9.00

Smoked Salmon Steaks By the Pound

Pre Purchase by the pound for Friday pick-up.

Slow smoked salmon cross sections (Steaks).   Smoked over our special blend of smoking wood, brined and seasoned ahead of smoking.

  • 4 in stock

Smoked Shrimp by HopLore Brewing

Smoked Shrimp

1Lb of Colossal Shrimp brined overnight and smoked low and slow. served with cocktail sauce.
  • 3 in stock

Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish Steaks by the Pound

Our newest smoked seafood offering! Many have asked about it so here it is! a flaky whitefish with less oil than salmon. Mild flavor mixed with our brine makes this a great snack!

*Not actual fish in picture, just stock photo example.

  • Sold Out!

Mac & Cheese HopLore Brewing

Take-n-Bake 4 Cheese Mac

A family size portion of our crowd favorite four cheese mac and cheese. Just put it in the oven for 35 minutes at 375 and you are ready to eat!
  • $14.00


Chips Salsa HopLore Brewing

Large Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Yup, Chips & Salsa in Large.
  • $5.00
HopLore Brewing Heaping Helping of Kettle Chips 01

Heaping Helping of Kettle Chips

House fried kettle chips to go.
  • $4.00
BBQ Sauce

Extra BBQ Sauces

Your Choice of housemade BBQ Sauces in 2oz container: Sweet and Tangy – Spicy Cracked Pepper – Carolina Mustard BBQ
  • $0.50
Burgers & Sandwiches at HopLore Brewing

Hamburger Buns

2 Hamburger Buns  
  • $1.00
HopLore Brewing Housemade Bourbon Baked Beans

Housemade Bourbon Baked Beans

1lb container of our housemade bourbon baked beans made from scratch.
  • $5.00
HopLore Brewing Roasted Mini Taters 02

Roasted Mini Taters

1lb container of our roasted mini taters served with a side of cajun aioli.
  • $5.00

Housemade Kraut

16oz jar of house fermented sauerkraut. This stuff takes a long time! about a month and a half to get just right.
  • $5.00