Snacks & Starters

BBQ Charcuterie Board

Our BBQ Charcuterie board has house smoked Brisket, Pulled Pork and turkey along with craft crackers and chef’s selection of off the block cheeses. served with our house made strawberry/jalepeno balsemic jelly and all three of our house made bbq sauces.

  • $21.00
HopLore Brewing Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings

6 boneless wings served plain or tossed in our housemade strawberry/jalapeno jelly and drizzled with housemade Amish peanut butter.
  • $6.00$7.00

Seafood Charcuterie Board

Our seafood charcuterie board is a selection of smoked seafood(flaked salmon, 1/2lb whitefish steak, and smoked shrimp along with craft crackers, both whitefish and salmon dips and red onions, capers and cilantro.
  • $22.00

Sandwiches & Entrees

A Gouda Philly

– lightly smoked roast beef

– sautéed onions and peppers

– house made Gouda cheese sauce

– steamed sub roll

Comes with a mini fall salad and candied sweet potatoes.

  • Sold Out!



Brisket Taco

Slow smoked brisket in a corn tortilla topped with pickled red onions and smoked gouda cheese sauce.

  • $5.00
HopLore Brewing Grouper Taco

Grouper Taco

Breaded and fried grouper fillet topped with a housemade pickled ginger slaw and wasabi mayo and garnished with nori flakes. served on a corn tortilla.

  • $6.00
HopLore Brewing Korean BBQ taco with housemade Kim Chi

Korean BBQ taco w/housemade Kim Chi

House smoked pulled pork in our korean bbq sauce topped with housemade Kim Chee on a corn tortilla.

  • $4.50
HopLore Brewing PB & J Taco

PB & J Taco

Pulled pork topped with house made Amish peanut butter and strawberry/jalapeno balsamic jelly.

  • $4.00

Smoked Salmon Taco

House smoked salmon glazed with a cilantro lime glaze and topped with roasted red pepper pico and housemade chipotle aioli on a corn shell.
  • $5.00
HopLore Brewing Street Taco

Street Taco

Locally raised ground beef raised on our spent grain seasoned and topped with red onion and cilantro on a corn shell. served with housemade smoked salsa.
  • $3.50
HopLore Brewing Tandoori Chicken Taco

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Taco

Smoked pulled chicken with house made Caribbean Jerk sauce topped with green and red cabbage and a house made mango chutney. Served in a corn shell.
  • $4.50

Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Quesadilla HopLore Brewing

Kids Cheese Quesadilla

Kids size Quesadilla with cheddar and jack cheese on a flour tortilla. served with side of kettle chips.
  • $5.00