Sandwiches & Entrees

Snacks & Starters

HopLore Brewing Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings

6 boneless wings served plain or tossed in our housemade strawberry/jalapeno jelly and drizzled with housemade Amish peanut butter.
  • $6.00$7.00
Fried Green Tomatoes HopLore Brewing

Fried Green Tomatoes

5 pieces of breaded green tomatoes on a bed of spring mix and drizzled with a house made roasted red pepper remulade.
  • $7.00

Sandwiches & Entrees

Burgers & Sandwiches at HopLore Brewing


Shaved corned beef on marble rye. Topped with swiss cheese and our house made sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.
  • $11.00
HopLore Brewing Cuban B

Cuban B

Our own take on the classic Cuban sandwich. A quarter lb of our smoked pulled pork, spicy cappacolo ham and melted Muenster cheese topped with our house made pickles and bourbon bacon mustard.
  • $9.00

Fried Green BLT

Our own lightly breaded fried green tomatoes, bacon and spring mix with a roasted red pepper aioli on toasted Italian Bread.
  • $8.00


HopLore Brewing Grouper Taco

Grouper Taco

Breaded and fried grouper fillet topped with a housemade pickled ginger slaw and wasabi mayo and garnished with nori flakes. served on a corn tortilla.
  • $6.00
HopLore Brewing Korean BBQ taco with housemade Kim Chi

Korean BBQ taco w/housemade Kim Chi

House smoked pulled pork in our korean bbq sauce topped with housemade Kim Chee on a corn tortilla.
  • $4.50
HopLore Brewing PB & J Taco

PB & J Taco

Pulled pork topped with house made Amish peanut butter and strawberry/jalapeno balsamic jelly.
  • $4.00
HopLore Brewing Street Taco

Street Taco

Locally raised ground beef raised on our spent grain seasoned and topped with red onion and cilantro on a corn shell. served with housemade smoked salsa.
  • $3.50
HopLore Brewing Tandoori Chicken Taco

Tandoori Chicken Taco

Chicken marinated in housemade tandoori spices and topped with roast corn and black bean slaw and cilantro aioli in a corn shell.

  • $4.00

Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Quesadilla HopLore Brewing

Kids Cheese Quesadilla

Kids size Quesadilla with cheddar and jack cheese on a flour tortilla. served with side of kettle chips.
  • $5.00