Imperial Amish Krack Doughnut Stout B6


Batch 6 of our Imperial Amish Krack Doughnut Stout. Inspired by what is often referred to as Krack Doughnuts on the streets, a yeast doughnut covered in caramel and cinnamon! Now it’s just a part in this Big Imperial Stout using doughnuts and Krack Powder.

The annual release of Imperial Amish Krack has been a study in Dounutry. Taking the Amish Crack donut (cinnamon and caramel yeast donut) and getting those flavors into a beer.

How do we get the pastry flavors of a yeast donut into a beer? Donuts were added at three different times in the process. Caramel and Krack powder round out the flavors. B6 focuses more on the caramel than previous batches and carries with it a richness accompanied by its partner cinnamon.

Limit 4 Bottles Per Order

Pickup begins at noon 12/18.

*Doughnuts NOT included.

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