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“Barrel-Aged Imperial Amish Krack – Hoplore Brewing Company (Leesburg, IN) ~ Weasel

Better On Draft

When rolling along the historic brick-paved streets of Leesburg, Indiana, you will discover the Old Leesburg Mill just over the railroad tracks along Old State Road. The mill opened in 1905 to grind grain for animal feed. Since then the building has served a variety of purposes including the original grain mill, a coffee shop, a five and dime, a bakery, and, for the past three years, as HopLore Brewing Co. As co-owner Stefan King shared on a Kosciusko County blog, ‘We ultimately fell in love with the mill due to its history and set up. We felt that it was almost coming full circle from a feed mill in the early nineteen hundreds to a brewery today again utilizing grains.’

While our visit was during current social distancing rules, the reduced amount of indoor seating helped to accentuate the original wood floors, rustic beam framing, and industrial feel of the mill with many of the now whitewashed chutes, chases, hoppers, and grain equipment serving as the character décor and partitions.

Barrel-Aged Imperial Amish Krack is billed as a doughnut stout that earned a relaxing 14-month vacation in Apple Brandy barrels. During its rest period, the bold, deeply roasted and sweet malt stout gathered notes of cinnamon, apple sweetness, and earthiness of the oaken staves. When the magic of the malt’s sweet profile pairs with the spice and the fruit tones, this bold Imperial Stout conveys the faint taste of a freshly baked, still warm cinnamon roll or apple fritter. Often found as an annual limited bottle release, we were delighted to discover Barrel-Aged Amish Krack on tap during our July visit.

I could easily write a series of articles about our wonderful experience with the staff, the fabulous food we enjoyed, and all of my wanderings around the building. If you find yourself a reasonable distance from Leesburg, Indiana, I encourage you to visit. Your trip will be worth every moment of that travel. The Old Leesburg Mill that once was a staple of the community has been transformed into a regional gem that is the award-winning HopLore Brewing Co.”

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